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E go set the joy of my life will get our the kitchen sink for Christmas.
Yesterday I didn't have time to do the usual domestic goddess / dirty house thingy so after my son and I went to school we came home to a house in meltdown mode. 

My child had brought home a project from school and she had made this.
How cute is this?
(I love to see her 'know what she's doing' in school and making things from scratch) I asked her what it was and she told me she made a 'happy tree'. 

And I mean a real one.
I then got to thinking how horrible it would be if my tree was all old and I had to throw it away before Christmas.
What to do, what to do? 

Then I remembered that we had an artificial tree that I got when I was in grade 7, before my family was poor and we were eating Ramen noodles for lunch.
My mom got it in Calgary and used it for several years.
Then when we moved into this house I asked if I could use it.
No one had used it in so long that the branches were just breaking off. 

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