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Summer without a lover is a dull and sad experience indeed. Autumn is my most favorite season. I do not like spring and summer at all. Winter is good for us to cook and eat, but for the lovers it is not so good. 

I do not like for them to wait and hide when winter is about to arrive. When summer is over and autumn comes, I hate to see my lover in tears because he cannot find a way out of the house. 

I just do not want to be cold with cold. I feel it very painful. When it comes to autumn, my joy goes way up, and the feelings are quite unique. I can forget all my woes. I love the winter, but for myself, I do not want to bear the feelings of sorrow. 

I just do not want to feel so sad, and it goes to my heart and makes me sick. I think the happiness and sadness of our lives are important, because they both affect us. 

My joy goes up so high that it goes to the clouds, and my happiness reaches the sky. My joy rises to a whole other level and goes into the sun, while I feel it like it is going down into my heart. 

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