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Tomorrow is today for the nature lyrics journo I am following. 

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What comes through to me from this is the concept that the role of nature is still that of an older, wiser, empathetic and often compassionate voice that offers a counterpoint to humanity's behavior. 

She knows us, better than we know ourselves.
In the social sciences we often speak of the "antechamber of nature."
For a century, this concept has been used to explain the connection that Jews have to each other, to the place in the world, and to the history of the Jewish people.
The power of the concept is its simplicity. 

In the simplicity lies its power.
The book, "The Myth of Separation: Jews, Muslims and the Jews of the World" explains that human beings were made to be in relationship, and in relationship, we have a relationship with the cosmos.
Each of us is part of the universe, as the phrase goes, "there's no way out but in." 

Humanity connects us with the world, the universe, and it connects us with the mystery of being.
The world is full of goodness, of love and joy, of life, of new beginnings, of cleansing and renewal.
We connect to the world because it is full of us. 

Everything that exists is interrelated and interconnected in a symbiotic way.
The myth of separation helps to explain this.
Each one of us is separate from all of the others.
We have a task to do, a destiny to fulfill.
A great spiritual teacher once said that when you awaken from your body, you enter a state of relaxation. 

To take your body out of its natural state into relaxation takes something of a miracle.
But it takes some genuine feeling, a gift from the One Above, a divine presence, even so.
We connect with our people and our people are the miracle workers.
Some of the miracles are religious in nature and others have to do with personal relationships.
There is an energy that comes from us.
What I have seen over the years, as I have grown older, is that as we get older, we tend to withdraw, both to live and to feel,


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